– Activate Your PayPal Card

When it comes to transferring money or shopping online, PayPal is the most common gateway that people use. It’s free to sign up through and activate PayPal account with a breeze.


However, if you are a PayPal business user then PayPal does offer a MasterCard. The MasterCard can be used to shop online withdraw cash from the ATM machines and so on.

Overall you can say that you can treat your PayPal account as a debit card. So if you want to experience the same convenience, here’s how to activate PayPal account the easiest way. Not to mention that PayPal is easy to contact.

How to Activate PayPal account

Step 1. Log into your PayPal account

First of all, you need to login to your PayPal account. To do this, simply go to the using the email and password you used to register for a PayPal account. Then you will be taken to the My Account overview.

Activate Paypal Account

Step 2. Click on the appropriate link

Now you have to click on the appropriate link to activate PayPal account. As there are quite a lot of links which can be confusing. Also, you have to visit the PayPal page and a few other ones.

However, at first, you have to visit the activation page ( So simply go to the account summary page.

For business debit, you can find the link on the right side of your screen. Simply click on the link that says PayPal Debit Card and it will take you to the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard summary page. Over here you will get to see all the cards which are linked to your account.

If you found difficulties accessing the activation page from the right side of the screen. Then do click on the “Next Steps.” The button is located right on your current account balance.

Step 3. Click on the activation button

Over here you will get to see all the cards which are associated with your account. Here you will get to see the primary credit card on top of it. Any other secondary card which is associated with your account will be under the primary account.

You will be able to see the name of the authorized account, and the last 4 digits of the debit card. Also, there will be some other information related to the account’s withdrawal balance and expiry date. But under all these information there will be an activation button. So simply click on it, and you will be good to go.

Step 4. Create backup settings

In the end, do create the backup settings.  As it is quite important to have backup payment settings enabled with your PayPal debit card for safety purposes.

The backup payment setting will help you to make transactions, shop online, or pay someone when you run out of money.  In such cases, PayPal will process the transaction using your backup payment option and not with the PayPal debit card.

If you run some kind of an online business. Then having a PayPal card can make your life easier. As buying or selling something online would be easier. The PayPal MasterCard makes sure that you always have cash.

So these are the steps that you will need to follow to activate your card. Now go ahead and get done with the activation process. Anyway, if you have any further questions you can always contact PayPal customer service, moreover don’t forget to share the article and do comment below to let know your thoughts.

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