Stormmedial – Everything You Need to Know

Stormmedial has been into some serious complaints recently especially in the PayPal community page. There have been reports that this supposedly online company does not deliver on their promises.

People have been saying that they have ordered products from the Stormmedial but never got it. Or that they find that it has been delivered, but nothing really showed up on their front door.

Well, today, we will talk about some points on this subject so that people will have more understanding of how Stormmedial works.

What is Stormmedial?


Stormmedial is actually the Storm Media Ltd. They specialized in digital products and offered it on both online and offline platform.

Stormmedial uses PayPal as its online mode of payment. So if you ever find Stormmedial on your bank account statement or credit card statement, you probably availed one of their products. So if that is the case, then seeing Stormmedial on your statement should just be normal.

Now, if this is your first time to find out about Stormmedial and they managed to charge your account, that’s worrisome. You should do something about it.

What to do?

When you find that you have been charged with money by Stormmedial, try to recall if it is legit. Make sure that you have actually purchased their products in the recent transactions you have made.

If nothing comes to mind, you should immediately call your credit card or bank hotline to dispute the charge. You could just be a victim of a scam.

Another issue with Stormmedial is the fact that they have a bad reputation. According to our research, a lot of their transactions are either fraud or unreliable. This means that some customers bought stuff from them, but they were not able to deliver the product. They took the money, but nothing came to the customer.

In Conclusion

Since Stormmedial is not particularly a good choice for online purchases, we will suggest avoiding them for now. It could be that they just have poor customer service and the bad intention is not naturally there.

So until they fix this issue from their side of the business, try not to do transactions with them. After all, your hard-earned money deserves to be treated with respect because you worked hard and earned it. So in order avoid being scammed, use other merchants that have a better reputation at the moment.

Now, since you are here, what is your issue with Stormmedial? Why do you think that you need to find out these details about them? Tell us in the comment section your experiences from them. This way, more people will learn about their way of business and if it has improved ever since.

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27 thoughts on “Stormmedial – Everything You Need to Know

  • Since you are recommending that we don’t use them, why don’t you take them off the PayPal payment platform so as to stop them scamming us.

    • I also ordered foundation with them. Money was took February 20, 2019 & to this day I haven’t received product. I’ve messaged numerous times on Facebook & also e-mailed to no avail! I’m frustrated!

    • Exactly. I trusted this company only because it was connected with PayPal.
      They took me for 44.28 ?

  • Hi,
    Me too, I had this bad experience with Stormmediak
    I never received the products wich I had ordered
    And payed.

  • I ordered and paid using ctefit catd. No acknowledgement that order x 2 is received no processing and no shipping. Of these 3 points not acknowledged as having received the order but these are debits on my card
    I want my money back from the scamming thirves

  • I too, was charged on my credit card for the Sink and Drain Cleaner. To date, I have never received anything from this company. I want my money back, if not, send me what I had already paid for.

  • I have bought or should I say ordered two pairs of work pants from them they have taken the money and I never received the item I will never use them again they are thieving Bas—– and unless the return my money I will try to find a way to sue them. I have tried to email them but it came back as not a valid email address.

  • I too have paid for goods not delivered.
    But the company I ordered from was Lazylullaby,
    and despite numerous emails sent to them and occasionally received, this has not been resolved.
    I am now in the process of trying to get a refund from my bank.

  • I too ordered from them and it appeared on my card and I haven’t received anything. I wonder if it is too late to dispute it?

  • This company uses numerous names. I saw an ad for a product on Facebook which has raving reviews. I ended up ordering the item. Customer service was fine when I contacted them, but their tracking info was never updated on the site. All of the sudden, only poor reviews started showing up on the ad. Did a little research, and found out they were NUMEROUS company names and each company has terrible reviews. They are scamming people by selling junk products and having, what I would assume, are fake reviews. It needs to be stopped.

  • I, too, ordered, paid for and have never received the merchandise. How do I get a refund
    Or the merchandise?

  • I ordered 4 boxes of Align and they had all expired. Wouldn’t order from eBay again.
    Called Align and no one could help me get my money. Please deduct the $23.98 from my credit card. Am going to call my credit card compsny and make them aware of this. Thank you.

  • I also ordered from Lazylullaby and never received my order. This was in February. I’ll print this information to take to my bank to ask for a refund.

  • I’m po’d with the fact that pay pal is supposed to be so secure, but allow such a company to remain being used through them‼️I too have placed an order paid for it and have not seen anything yet‼️What is going on‼️ We need answers and resolutions not back and forth crap‼️

  • I bought 2 x pairs or out door trousers in March 19. After many emails to their customer servixe team they still have not delivered my trousers.

    Bunch of theiving CUNTS. I will not use these scamming wankers again. I want my money back.

  • I have bought and paid for bras for my wife on 3/30/2019. It is now 4/14/2019 and we have not received anything yet. I’m going to call them tomorrow.

  • well i did order something since 20 days, no idea if i ll get it as i did not receive any confirmation. will be the second time i ll be rob this way. i really be careful when the seller is base in the US but this one was in china usually i get my stuff from there i ll see maybe it ll show up in next few days but according what i read i should better to forget it.

  • No acknowledgement of order processing or shipping. Assumed order did not go through. 75 days later received merchandise in damaged package with damaged contents. No invoice or packing slip enclosed. Items were not even close to being as described. No address to return. No number to call. Nothing!! Scamming thieves!

  • hi i bought an item from stormmedial on the 26th of march and to this date i have had no response. i cant even remember the item but it cost me $149. now i thought paypal was designed to protect customers from being defrauded. i would appreciate your assistance in this matter i am now realizing that a number of service providers are defrauding person through paypal because we thought it was safe please help us.

  • I too have paid for goods from stormmedial, and never received them. My order date was February 15, 2019. It went through PayPal from my credit card Citibank. On March 4,2019 another charge came through for 15.96. I disputed the charge of 38.37 with Citibank on March 5 due to I had not seen the product and have no idea why another charge of 15.96. On April 6;2019 Citibank gave PayPal back my 38.37.

  • I also bought one product and never received it. My credit card was charged. I have no clue about the shipment. I need my money back

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